You can apply for your daughter to be admitted to study at WGHS by following the relevant link below. Please note that you will need to submit scanned copies of the following documents with the application form:

  • Unabridged birth certificate of your daughter/ward;
  • Your daughter/ward's year end Grade 6 report; Term 3 reports are not a valid substitute for this document;
  • Your latest rates, electricity bill AND telephone account verified under FICA (and lease agreement if applicable);
  • 1x passport size photograph of daughter/ward;
  • Proof of immunisations;
  • Identity documents of both parents (or passports, including Work permit/Visa/Refugee permit/Asylum seeker permit for parents who are not currently RSA citizens or permanent residents);
  • Should either parent be deceased, a copy of the death certificate is required;
  • Study permit/Visa/Refugee permit/Asylum seeker permit of your daughter/ward if she is not currently an RSA citizen or permanent resident;
  • Your daughter/ward's permanent residence permit if she is a permanent resident and has not yet applied for or received RSA citizenship (this is required by the Department of Education).

Please note that a valid Gmail account is required to be able to submit the documents listed above.

Grade 8 2021
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Grade 9-11 2021
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Grade 8 2022

Click here to book a tour of the school. Due to health and safety protocols, slots are limited, and only one parent/guardian per prospective learner is allowed.


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