Pursuing excellence since 1964.

Westville Girls’ High School offers a high-quality educational environment to the daughters of the Westville and surrounding communities, providing each learner with a solid academic foundation and an enriching and stimulating environment for holistic growth.

Incepto Ne Desistam

may I not shrink from my purpose

At WGHS, we fully accept and appreciate each student as an individual. Our dedicated staff members strive to establish a safe and nurturing atmosphere where all learners can thrive and succeed in their respective areas of interest.

Throughout their time on campus, our learners acquire valuable life skills.These skills range from appropriate behaviour, etiquette, and decision-making to cultivating curiosity, resilience and a growth mindset, as they strive to reach their maximum potential.

As educators, we provide consistent guidance and support, prioritising the well-being of our students above all else. Every learner is recognised, cherished and encouraged to grow a sense of belonging and worth.

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Westville Girls’ High School takes immense pride in the role it has
played to develop young girls into exceptional women. From the outset,
we instil in our students a sense of self-discovery and empower them to
be inquisitive and self-assured in every facet of their lives. (Should you
be one of our prestigious past pupils, please feel free to join our
database and we will connect with you!)

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We strive to maximise every learner’s potential so that they may serve society and experience personal fulfilment through the development of their unique talents and abilities. Together, we work to provide a safe and happy environment for learners to fulfil their academic, sporting and cultural aspirations whilst growing in confidence and maturity.

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